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About Us

Our Story

We are a proud family business that has been operating for over 50 years. Established by Charlie and Rose Grima (as C&R Grima) in the 1960s, the farm has been managed by three generations of family members. In 2003, upon their retirement, Charlie and Rose passed the farm onto their daughter Marion and her husband Joe; who then changed the business name to Fenech Family Farm. Joe, his son Matthew and his wife Pauline are the current owners.

Throughout the years, our values and work ethic remain unchanged. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products, efficient service and affordable prices.

We are current members of Australian Eggs and NSW Farmer’s Assocation. We also have a 5 star rating from the NSW Food Authority. We ensure that we keep up to date with the latest research and technology within our industry. We are also constantly updating our skills, services and products available to meet our customers’ needs.

Our customers are our number one priority. Indeed, we pride ourselves on our loyal and growing customer base, both local and from all four corners of Sydney. We love the fact that our customers (many of whom are second generation customers) tell us that when it comes to eggs and other farm products they wouldn’t shop anywhere else!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a simple one: To grow and source the freshest eggs, game meat and seasonal produce for our customers.

Our Team

As our business has grown, we have been fortunate enough to employ a number of staff to assist us with the day to day running of our farms, retail outlet and wholesale operations.

It takes a lot of work to successfully manage a modern day farm. We have a fantastic team of staff who each play their part to keep Fenech Family Farm going strong. This includes picking eggs, grading eggs, farmhand work, delivery drivers for wholesale deliveries, retail staff in our shop, office staff and management. Every single member of our staff plays an important role in the successful running of Fenech Family Farm. We our very proud of our wonderful team!


Our Philosohpy

Our philosophy is a simple one: To grow and source the freshest eggs, game meat and seasonal produce for our customers.

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we love eggs!

Our hens and roosters are fed on a diet rich in protein and grains to ensure they have the energy they need to herald the sunrise and lay quality eggs.


fresh farm meats

We scour local farms in order to bring you high-quality game meat, whilst still maintaining strict quarantine practices to protect our flock.

We support farmers, who like us, are trying to provide a local alternative to the big supermarkets for our customers.

Our Family

The Fenech/Grima Family has focused on raising healthy hens to produce quality eggs for the past 40 years. We’ve gained skills and expertise during that time, as well as a loyal customer base – some of whom remember visiting the farm as children with their own parents!

We love that our family tradition has started family traditions for our customers, who won’t shop for their eggs anywhere else.

Joe has 30 years of experience in the poultry industry and can answer just about any poultry-related question you’ve got.

Matthew grew up shadowing his dad around the farm every chance he got, learning along the way.

Nathan brought his experience of running an office back to the farm when he joined his brother and father in the business.

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